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DeKalb Animal Hospital is a full service pet facility. Our services include:

teamwithpatient.jpgAnnual preventive health exams and vaccinations

These assist in identifying small problems before they become a major concern. Protecting your pet from contagious diseases is one of the most important things you can do to protect your pet's health.


Our state-of-the-art Toshiba system allows us to monitor pregnancy and visualize internal organs without invasive procedures. We can teletransmit images to specialists worldwide via the internet.

In-house laboratory testing, X-rays and EKG

Our in-house laboratory allows immediate analysis and treatment of your pet's condition.

Canine and feline dentistry

Having your pet's teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis aids in the prevention of tartar and bad breath, and can prevent more serious problems.

Hospitalization and intensive care

Whether your pet is recovering from surgery or a serious illness, our nursing staff can get your pet well and back home quickly.

General and orthopedic surgery

Our sterile surgery suite holds the latest in anesthetic and patient monitoring equipment to bring your pet safely through surgery.

Reproductive counseling and management

As a certified International Canine Genetics breeding center, we are able to meet all of your pet's reproductive needs, including ovulation testing, artificial breeding, shipping and receiving chilled semen and genetic counseling.

Dietary management and counseling

Because good nutrition is vital to ensure a long, healthy life, we can discuss your pet's dietary needs. Specific diets are available for proper weight maintenance, performance, growth, and to help treat disease at every stage.

Boarding, bathing and professional grooming

Boarding is available for the times you can't always have your pet with you. Professional grooming permits you to enjoy a beautiful pet with a healthy skin and coat. All grooms include ear cleaning, anal expression, nail trim, haircut and style. Appointments are appreciated.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery offers the benefits of less pain, bleeding and swelling as well as a reduced risk of infection. Recovery is rapid and there is less post-operative discomfort.

Pet care supplies

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet ®, Hill's Science Diet ®, and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets ® are available as well as flea and tick control products for your pet and home.

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